What a week! Last week was so jam-packed with news, events, and accomplishments, I wanted to spend a moment to share it with you all today.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT! On Wednesday we announced that my campaign was the first to file for Tucson’s Public Matching Funds Program! I am proud to run as a clean elections candidate because I am committed to transparency, greater access, and giving our residents a louder voice in the public process. Thank you all for your support and generosity. Now, all contributions to my campaign will be DOUBLED!

There was no better place to announce our great news than at a wine reception hosted by my treasurer, Michelle Howell along with my amazing wife, Amanda Tronsdal, Supervisor Sharon Bronson, County Attorney Barbara LaWall, Leslie Nixon, Randi Dorman, Nicole Gavin, Karol Gugino, and Patti Ota. We had a packed house and the event was a blast. It was an honor to spend the evening sharing ideas and experiences with over 50 brilliant women who care deeply about this community.

The first candidate forum of the season was hosted on Thursday night by the Nucleus Club of the Pima County Democratic Party. I would like to thank Supervisor Elías and the Nucleus board for the opportunity to speak on issues that are very important to me and the voters of the Ward.

  • I spoke about Public Transportation and how much our residents rely on BOTH affordable fares and adequate routes. For the majority of those riding the bus, there is no other option for getting to work, school, or caring for their children and loved ones.
  • I reiterated my support for Prop 101. Our police and firefighters are in desperate need for new life-saving equipment and vehicles, and we must continue to maintain our roads. This proposition is a responsible way to ensure the safety of community.
  • Finally, I spoke about something that is very important to me; voter participation. I truly believe our communities are shaped by those who show up to the polls. Local elections, like the ones we will see this year, suffer from low turnout and disinterest, while having the biggest impact on our day-to-day lives. I have lived in Tucson for over three decades and have been voting Democrat since I was 18. I stand behind our community in words and actions.

I wrapped up the week with a beautiful morning going door-to-door with my son, visiting with voters of the ward. While the campaign trail often gets a little hectic, these are the moments I will treasure the most.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Tom T.

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