I am supporting Tom Tronsdal in the City of Tucson Ward 3 Democratic Primary, and I am asking that you do as well.

On the Pima County Board of Supervisors, I represent many of the voters that are in Ward 3.  I know first-hand the unique challenges facing this part of town, and I know you will be well represented by Tom on the City Council.

Many candidates running for office often talk a good game about community involvement. Not Tom – he has put his time and effort in making our community a better place to live, raise a family and work.  He knows what it is like for many families struggling to make ends meet and will work hard to be their voice on the City Council.

As you know, protecting our unique desert way of life is something I value greatly.  That is why I advocated for the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan which provides a blueprint for responsible growth and conservation of our natural resources. The City of Tucson is an important partner in implementing smart development policies, and we need a leader such as Tom to continue speaking up for the environment.  He will ensure that our scarce water resources are used wisely for the benefit of all and not just wealthy special interest.

Small businesses are our economic engine and essential to the future prosperity of all residents. As a small business owner, Tom knows the challenges of creating jobs that pay wages in both good times and bad.  His track record of creating actual jobs will serve you well on the City Council.

That is why I am asking you vote for Tom Tronsdal for Ward 3 City Council in the upcoming primary.  He is just the kind of public servant we need – someone who will represent ALL Tucsonans.


Let’s keep Tucson and Pima County moving forward, together.


Pima County Supervisor, Sharon Bronson