Last night voters took their future into their own hands with a resounding vote of YES for Prop 101. The importance of this vote cannot be understated. Together we chose to make our city a safer place by ensuring we have quality roads and well-equipped first responders. We took a stand by mitigating the devastating effect of our State Legislature’s raiding of HURF funds that are desperately needed to maintain critical infrastructure. We saw a responsible path to providing our police and firefighters with the tools they need to keep themselves and our residents safe.

Thank you, Tucson.

On the campaign trail, I have spoken with hundreds of Ward 3 voters about their hopes and concerns for this proposition. While I wholeheartedly supported the measure, voters concerns cannot be taken lightly. We must continue to budget responsibly, work with the community to identify priorities, and be good stewards of taxpayer monies.

Tucsonans have given the Mayor and Council the tools to create an even brighter future for our community. With your support, I look forward to working with the Mayor, Council and our neighborhoods to ensure that these tools are put to their best use and utilized responsibly.

-Tom Tronsdal