Welcome to week 4 of TOMTalks, a weekly rundown of my top priorities and vision for Ward 3 as your City Council Member.

This week we are talking about the economy and how to support our business community. Please enjoy the short video below and be sure to join the conversation on Facebook. I look forward to answering your questions.

Week 4: Economy

As the owner and operator of Canyon Fence Company, I know what it is like to sign the front side of a paycheck and to ensure I am able to provide a safe environment, livable wage and great benefits for my employees. I currently employ 26 of employees and I am proud to say that they have worked for Canyon Fence an average of 14 years. I believe this sets me apart from the other candidates in this race, and says a lot about the type of business I run and the type of leadership I bring to the City Council.

I believe in a balanced approach to strengthening our economy. As a small business owner, I understand the interdependence of businesses, residents, and government. My company, like many others, relies on the members of the business community and our residents to prosper alongside one another and not at the expense of each other.

This is why I am committed to working closely with Ward 3 businesses and neighborhoods to ensure that all voices are heard in the decision making process and that government works for everyone.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Work to grow our local small business community while also supporting successful existing establishments. Incentives to attract start-up enterprises should not weaken or unnecessarily put existing establishments at risk.
  • Continue efforts to attract new businesses to Tucson that offer long-term, high-wage employment opportunities to our residents.
  • Build upon the Ward’s relationships with organizations such as JobPath, JTED and Literacy Connects to develop a strong workforce for our city.
  • Encourage responsible growth and infill in Ward 3 to boost our community’s economy without diminishing quality of life.
  • Ensure that the city’s permitting process is streamlined and consistent. We must eliminate unnecessary barriers for those working to build our economy in a safe and responsible manner.

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I look forward to hearing from you,

– Tom T.