Welcome to week 2 of TOMtalks, a weekly rundown of my top priorities and vision for Ward 3 as your City Council Member. Over the next several weeks I will continue to roll out my plan for a Stronger Economy, a Stronger Community, and a Stronger Tucson!



Week 2: Neighborhoods

One of the primary purposes of your City Council is ensuring residents receive the services upon which they depend. These services should be accessible, affordable and received in a timely and consistent manner.

While most are aware of the basic services the City provides such as trash, recycling, water, and sewer services, there are many additional services the City offers as well as assistance available through local organizations.

Services such as:

  • Lead testing and abatement program for qualified families;
  • Monthly cooking grease disposal;
  • Abandoned shopping carts collection;
  • Victim services if you, or someone you know, is a victim of violent crime;
  • And so much more.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Increase direct communication with neighborhoods about the myriad of services available based on individual community needs. The services required by various neighborhoods are as unique as the residents who reside in them. I will first work with neighborhoods and business districts to target unaddressed issues. I will conduct information campaigns to provide residents, and business owners with the information they need to access city service as we work together to make our city better. I will also follow up to ensure our services are providing the intended results effectively and efficiently.
  • Prioritize clean and safe parks and public spaces. I will ensure that our city parks are well maintained and free of garbage build-up. Illegal dumping in our public spaces creates hazardous conditions for our children, pets, and environment.
  • Protect residents’ health, safety, and welfare by becoming an active partner with Code Enforcement. By working directly with the community and local organizations, we can provide services to prevent potential code enforcement violations that threaten the quality of life in neighborhoods. When situations arise, we must ensure that proper follow-up communications occur to ensure that issues residents raise are addressed promptly.


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I look forward to hearing from you,

– Tom T.

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  1. Patty McCallister says:

    Thanks for making a difference in Tucson. We need intelligent, caring individuals like you.

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