Welcome to TomTalks, a weekly rundown of my top priorities and vision for Ward 3 as your City Council Member. Over the next 7 weeks I will be rolling out my plan for a Stronger Economy, a Stronger Community, and a Stronger Tucson!



Week 1: City Services and Priorities in the Ward 3 Office

I am running for Tucson City Council because I care deeply about this city that I have called home for over three decades. Tucson is a city where I attended high school and college, started a family, and built a successful career as a small business owner. I feel the bond that I have with my community is one forged by years of service to, dependence on, and shared experiences with the people that make up our great city.

As your City Council Member, I will…

  • Ensure that residents can access the services they need when they need them. I understand the overwhelming time constraints on working families in our community. I will strive to make our office more accessible by holding Saturday hours, reduce response times to all incoming communications, and increase awareness of available services based on individual neighborhood needs.
  • Practice Community Governing. Building stronger neighborhoods through community empowerment and city engagement is one of my top priorities. I believe we need to increase the number of neighborhood associations and provide the tools necessary for them to be effective. I also believe Council Members should be a continuous presence in the community and support the residents, organizations, and businesses of the Ward first-hand.
  • Pledge to keep the Ward 3 office in Ward 3. While some have proposed relocating all Ward offices to a central location in the city, I believe it is imperative for City Council offices and staff to be a present and active member of the community in which it serves.
  • Continue to build the relationship between the city and private and non-profits organizations that steadfastly serve our residents. This partnership is crucial to our community receiving the vast amount of services and assistance they depend upon.


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I look forward to hearing from you,

– Tom T.

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