Welcome to week 3 of TomTalks, a weekly rundown of my top priorities and vision for Ward 3 as your City Council Member.

This week we are talking about an issue very important to me: Public Transportation. I encourage you to watch my short video below, read more on my priorities for our transit system, and then join the conversation on Facebook. I look forward to hearing from you.

Week 3: Public Transit

Growing up, I depended on Tucson’s public transportation system. Each morning, as the sun was coming up, I walked to our nearby bus stop to take the bus to high school, and every evening I would make my way home as the sun was setting. Public transportation allowed my single mother the flexibility to work the hours she needed to succeed at her career, knowing that I would be able to make it to school safely and on time.

Today, I continue to rely on public transit for me and my family when we need it most.

Like me, for many Tucson residents, public transportation is not just an option, it is a necessity. As your City Council Member I will ensure our public transit is affordable, accessible, and safe.

  • Affordable by preserving the discounted fares that families rely on. I will also seek creative avenues to increase ridership to ensure that we are able to keep fares affordable. As a business owner, I understand how to grow a client base without adversely affecting existing customers.
  • Accessible to those who need it most. Through long-term planning and cooperation with Sun Tran, we can explore the most efficient use of current routes, expand coverage, and create new transit options.
  • Safe by ensuring that our public transportation system can be utilized by riders of all abilities, day or night, and during any season. This means that connection paths and bus stops need to be well maintained, well lit, and protected from the summer heat.

A top-notch public transportation system creates better quality of life for our residents, and solutions to Tucson’s economic and environmental challenges.

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I look forward to hearing from you,

– Tom T.