TUCSON, Ariz. – Small business owner and community volunteer, Tom Tronsdal, is the first municipal candidate of 2017 to file for Tucson’s Public Matching Funds Program. Tom’s campaign for Tucson City Council in Ward 3 announced today they have received over two hundred (200) contributions from city residents, which exceeds the number necessary to qualify.

This outpouring of support is a clear demonstration of Tom’s strong base of diverse grassroots support and the positive reception of his campaign message.

“I am proud and humbled from the level of support I have received thus far.” said Tronsdal. “This step will supply us with the resources needed to run a vigorous campaign on the very issues that Ward 3 residents care most about: Economic opportunity, public safety, and neighborhood infrastructure.”

Tom went on to say, “I chose to run as a clean elections candidate because I am committed to transparency, greater access, and giving our residents a louder voice in the public process. As your City Council Member I will bring these same values to the Ward 3 office.”

The City of Tucson’s Public Matching Funds program was approved by voters in 1987 and is intended to level the playing field by reducing the influence of large contributors and special interest groups. To participate in this program, council candidates must receive two hundred (200) contributions of ten dollars ($10) or more from city residents. Candidates participating in the Matching Funds Program will be limited to spending just $88, 512 in the Primary Election.