Stronger Economy. Stronger Community. Stronger Tucson.

I am running for Tucson City Council because I care deeply about this city that I have called home for over three decades. Tucson is a city where I attended high school and college, started a family, and built a successful career as a small business owner. I feel the bond that I have with my community is one forged by years of service to, dependence on, and shared experiences with the people that make up our great city.

As your City Council Member, I will…

  • Ensure that residents can access the services they need when they need them. I understand the overwhelming time constraints on working families in our community. I will strive to make our office more accessible by holding Saturday hours, work to reduce response times to all incoming communications, and increase awareness of available services based on individual neighborhood needs.
  • Practice Community Governing. Building stronger neighborhoods through community empowerment and city engagement is one of my top priorities. I believe we need to increase the number of neighborhood associations and provide the tools necessary for them to be effective. I also believe Council Members should be a continuous presence in the community and support the residents, organizations, and businesses of the Ward first-hand.
  • Pledge to keep the Ward 3 office in Ward 3. While some have proposed relocating all Ward offices to a central location in the city, I believe it is imperative for City Council offices and staff to be a present and active member of the community in which it serves.
  • Continue to build the relationship between the city and private and non-profits organizations that steadfastly serve our residents. This partnership is crucial to our community receiving the vast amount of services and assistance they depend upon.

One of the primary purposes of your City Council is to ensure our residents receive the services upon which they depend. These services should be easily accessible, affordable, and received in a timely and consistent manner.

While residents are fully aware of basic services such as trash, recycling, water, and sewer services, residents should also be fully aware of the vast amount of additional services the City offers.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Prioritize clean and safe parks and public spaces. We must ensure that our city parks are well maintained and free of garbage build-up. Illegal dumping in our public spaces creates hazardous conditions for our children, pets, and environment. Also, graffiti and other forms of vandalism must be reported and addressed.
  • Protect residents’ health, safety, and welfare by becoming an active partner with Code Enforcement. By working directly with the community and local organizations, we can provide services to prevent potential violations. When violations arise, we must ensure that proper follow-up communications occur to assure residents that their complaints are heard and respected.
  • Increase direct communication with neighborhoods about the myriad of services available based on individual community needs. The services needed by the various neighborhoods are as unique as the residents who reside in them.

I believe in a balanced approach to strengthening our economy. As a small business owner, I understand the interdependence of small businesses, large corporations, and sound government. My company, like many others, relies on the members of the business community and our residents to prosper alongside one another and not at the expense of each other.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Work to grow our local small business community while also supporting successful existing establishments. Incentives to attract start-up enterprises should not weaken or unnecessarily put existing establishments at risk.
  • Continue efforts to attract new businesses to Tucson that offer long-term, high-wage employment opportunities to our residents.
  • Encourage business growth in Ward 3 to directly boost our community’s economy and quality of life.
  • Ensure that the city’s permitting process is streamlined and consistent. We must eliminate unnecessary barriers for those working to build our economy in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Build upon the Ward’s relationships with organizations such as JobPath and Literacy Connects to develop a strong workforce for our city.

I believe public safety is more than fighting crime. Public safety begins with strong neighborhoods, a strong economy, and a strong, trusting relationship between law enforcement and our communities. Now, more than ever, Tucson must shine as a city able to work together to prevent crime, support victims, and embrace the diversity that makes us great.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Promote Community Policing and encourage law enforcement to continue building their relationships with neighborhoods.
  • Be a strong advocate for victims by partnering with organizations such as Emerge!, Assistance League of Tucson, Southern Arizona Legal Aid, etc.
  • Push for more training for our first responders on interacting with those with disabilities, mental health disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders and autism.
  • Continue to promote policies that make Tucson an Immigrant Friendly Community and a safe home for refugees. I believe our families should not live in fear of discrimination, persecution, or deportation. I will be a loud and active voice in creating new and better policies that protect and defend the rights of our residents.

Growing up, I depended on Tucson’s public transportation system to travel to and from school and assist my mother with family responsibilities. Today, I still depend on our city buses to ensure that my employees and I can get to work when we don’t have access to a personal vehicle.

For many in our community, public transportation is more than an option; it is a necessity. I will work to protect and advance our public transportation system.

I will keep our public transportation system…

  • Affordable by exploring more options for discounted fares and seeking creative avenues to increase ridership. As a business owner, I understand how to grow a client base without adversely affecting existing customers.
  • Accessible to those who need it most. Through long-term planning and cooperation with Sun Tran, we can explore the most efficient use of current routes, expand coverage, and create new transit options.
  • Safe by ensuring that bus stops and connection paths exist, are well maintained, and well lit. It is important to me that riders of all abilities can use our transit system safely day or night.

It is important for Tucson to be a leader in the fight against climate change, and advancements in sustainability and wildlife protection. To be effective on this front, we must promote environmentally conscious policies and lead by example. This stewardship is especially important in the current political climate of our state and nation. Municipalities must take an even stronger role in advocating for the protection of our environment and delicate ecosystems.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Work to make sustainability more affordable and accessible. We must create a path to sustainable living for all income levels, home owners, and home renters. We can do this by creating more programs that are cost effective and designed for home renters, working with companies to provide incentives and low-cost start-up, working with property owners to encourage more environmentally sustainable additions and options for tenants, and greater education on the benefits and ease of moving towards sustainable living.
  • Partner with other jurisdictions to create pressure on the state and utility companies to break down the barriers to solar and renewable energy.
  • Lead by example by finding more cost-efficient ways for our Ward office and city buildings to be environmentally friendly. By using our efforts as teaching tools, we can demonstrate to the community that sustainability is practical, economical, and necessary.

Every child deserves to live in a safe community and have every opportunity to succeed. When our children are supported, healthy, and receive abundant educational opportunities, it advances both our economy and quality of life. The city of Tucson plays a pivotal role in creating strong neighborhoods where our schools, parks, recreation programs, and after-school programs are the crux of the community.

As your Council Member, I will…

  • Join the fight to expand the KIDCO program and keep it accessible and affordable. KIDCO is an essential program that provides children with a safe, educational, and fun place to go to after school and in the summer. More importantly, it gives parents greater employment opportunities and ability to work more flexible hours.
  • Ensure that our children and families are safe by improving speed enforcement around our schools and parks, and improve street lighting for areas with high foot traffic. Walking to and from our schools and parks should be safe for those of any age and ability.
  • Improve bike lanes and sidewalks in high-traffic areas around schools, parks, and recreation areas. We should encourage more family physical activities and make them as safe as possible.
  • Support our city’s Parks and Recreation programs. It is important that we budget to increase the coverage of these programs and continue to partner with organizations that are assisting with keeping our facilities safe and updated. Tucson has been recognized nationally for our play spaces, and I want to continue this great work for our families.